Sunday, December 27, 2015

All This Nutrient-dense Dirt I Made! What's To Do?

In the verdant Puyallup and Skagit Rivers' flood plans up here, the native river silt soil goes down many feet. The food plants go nuts! Especially root veggies! Up in the Skagit We've picked up crisp, delicious carrots and beets 6 inches wide! YUM! The soil depth and content make all the difference.

Your natural soil can be any depth you want!

As the soil you just made is supper ready to use for 100% direct planting, decide on the plants that will be planted in it. Make the depth accordingly.

Another consideration is the plants. Side dressing nitrogen when heavy nitrogen feeders(Corn, squash, cabbage family, seed sunflower, cereal grains are some) are a week or two out of the ground makes a marked difference.

At the time the compost pile is "harvested" running a soil test is a great idea. You will know clearly what to add, and what plants do well in unmodified soil.

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