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Introducing "Soil 2 Cuisine"

Just think! "What I eat reflects on the soil this food came from!"

Well, OK. That's kinda mediocre as opening lines go!

Let's start this way . . .

You! Yeah, YOU with the dirt in your mouth!

We ALL eat dirt! Try and find any food you or anyone eats that was not dirt before some plant's roots sent it to the plant. Betcha you will look at what you eat a little differently now!


The stuff that people buy in food store is NOT farm produce! The closest to farm dirt food stores sell is fresh vegetables, but those are covered with preservatives and anti-spoiling chemicals to assure the store owner does not lose too much profit with holding rotting plant parts.

The other dirt the food store sells you? I dare you to run a search for toxicity on each of the ingredients of all the manufactured foods you buy in your favorite food store!


Betcha ya won't see manufactured food from even the most regarded food processors the same way any more!

Yeah. Really.

That's part of the "Why" of this little book. Let's just call this part "Being Aware of Food Nutrient and Contamination." That's the main reason I have for including this part. Aware of the content of the "dirt" that I feed my body with I can concentrate on eliminating the toxic soup food manufacturers add to what they wrongly call "food," while assuring my diet is high on nutrients that heal and nourish my body parts.

It all begins with the dirt my food grows in, so by all means my best health objective is to have the best nutrient-rich soil for the plants I eat to grow in.


Now we're getting to the core reason for this little book to exist.

Ever since my body was conceived it has been nourished by the dirt it consumed and grew its cells from. In my case, I was extremely fortunate for my mother to be a gardener and focused on filtering out the toxic brew that food store product manufacturers add to their deadly feast of great tasting poisons. Mother's gardening and free-run chickens gave us great nutrition, and father's cows fed us with milk and meat that our bodies developed healthy and strong with. Now at 70 with the health of a twenty-something, you bet I thank my parents for pointing me this way!

The selected dirt I was fed as a child became my passion to learn and apply more and better understanding about and how to sustain the cycle of healthy nutrition available to all who understand that their health depends on the dirt that their food comes out of.

Ever wonder about the dirt what you eat grew in?

You should wonder!

Do you know that dirt which has all the nutrients a given plant needs supplies nutrients the plant produces naturally to ward off parasite insects and disease organisms? The stupid people at Monsanto would have no jobs if Monsanto was focused on creating nutrient-dense soils to grow food crops in, because plants growing in nutrient-dense soils stay healthy and intact without toxic poisons Monsanto creates to kill bugs, disease and people and animals that eat their plants, nor would GMO employees have any jobs IF Monsanto concentrated all efforts to produce nutrient-dense soils!

One simple, natural, zero profit-producing solution will put Monsanto out of business!

That same solution will supply you and a trillion Earth neighbors with all the healthy nutrition needed to sustain health for everyone for very long lives!

Once you actually grasp this fact, you will probably ask, "So, why is this NOT being done today?"


The answer will NOT surprise anyone.


No food processor would make any profit, because it costs more to preserve foods without toxic additives than buyers will pay, when the majority of buyers do not care about the poisons in the food they stuff their mouths with cast less than nutritious foods preserved without poisonous preservatives.

The preservation and food marketing issues boil down to two simple factors the majority of buyers desire: "Does it taste good to me; and, is the price the lowest possible?"

The first, "Does it taste good to me," is the most stupid!

Good food tastes like its source plant tastes. Some plant's taste appeals to some people more than to other people. Some healthy plants taste awful to everyone! That is no reason to not eat those plants!

Some plants preserve better than others. Or their natural preservation costs more than when a poisonous additive is used.

Every manufactured food includes some form of preservation.

For you gardeners reading this, do you preserve any of your garden foods? If you do, do any of you add toxic preservatives to your preserved food?

Yeah, I know! That's a a really "DUMB" question! Why would anyone grow a garden of healthy plants only to add poisons to them to preserve them!

Or, do you?

I will now insult some gardeners! Do you use synthetic chemicals on your plants and in your garden soil?

Yeah! If you do, you are adding poison to your diet!

This little book is how not to need any toxic additive for your plants' best health, and for the preserved foods you eat, whether bought at a store or farm stand, or you grew it in your garden.

Before we start the book, let's be clear about what this little book is NOT!

It does not pretend to do any research for you! It also is NOT the last word for your health or for your gardening! At best, this book is a guide for you to follow up with your own research on any interesting subject. My hope is that you will go on to produce your own book.


Let's start . . .

The old axiom, "We are what we eat" was never more true than today. Sick, diseased bodies, both animal and People Being, are everywhere. How did this mess happen? This blog and the book it is titled after literally "dig" into the dirt of why disease and decay all around are literally soil related, and we get into the true health that begins with the soil our cuisine starts with, and for some very fortunate People Beings, where their cuisine ends up going back to.

First, may I ask, "Why are you reading this?"

When you look behind the first response to this that comes to your mind, it is likely that you desire to know how to regain control of your diet, health, and what amounts to being the People Being you are designed to be, which is NOT the commercial food chain version, BTW(By The Way).

So, if this is what you are here for, or even if you don't really know why at this point, shall we start?


Let's start right where you're most interested, shall we?

Right, smack dab in the middle! Your middle, that is!

Know what's inside there? Dare to take a look? Good! Because what is in the Middle of you is what you are, health-wise. Have fried egg, burned toast, toxic-laden bacon, and a tall glass of anti-biotic soup commercial dairies call "Milk" for your breakfast, this morning?

Yup, that's all right there, in the Middle of You!(Smile, or maybe, grimace:-0) What was for Lunch today? Commercial, chemistry-marvel "cheese" and burned sorta beefy-tasting burger, best-preservative-ever-oil-fried-French-fries, bone calcium-depleting soda, a side of chemistry-marvel salad dressing on a few sad, raised-in-depleted-commercial-farm lettuce parts, and, let's not forget the dessert! Was it mostly formaldehyde-derived(Chemical used to embalm dead bodies) sugar, with petrol-chemical-derived flavors, in a jacket made with GMO wheat, and its ingredient list a smorgasbord of chemical soup?

Well, if your Lunch was anything like this, yup, that's in your Middle, too!

Dinner? Well, do we really want to go there, after Breakfast and Lunch? Yeah, me neither.

So, "That's" in Your Middle. Want some more of the same tomorrow, next day, and every day the rest of your living? Didn't think so, either.

What to do 'bout it, right?

It's not that hard, really. Just follow me, and let's NOW start at the beginning, where the Design for healthy People Beings starts.

Soil. Dirt. Mud. Oose. Plant wastes. Body wastes. Anybody wastes, that is.

Do you realize that the Living Cycle of health includes your body waste at the highest degree of nutrition in this chain cycle? Well, it sure does! Let's get back to healthy basics, shall we?

Our start begins with a simple question. "Where does plant health come from?" Actually, have you ever heard anyone ask this question B4? I thought not.

So, reader, that's you, BTW, where does plant health come from? Hint: It's NOT a chemical fertilizer factory!

B4 there were chemical fertilizer manufacturers, were there healthy plants? Anywhere?

That's right, you're correct! Yes, plants B4 chemical fertilizer was even dreamed up, were healthy, happy, and, even mostly insect-free, too!


Because, dear reader, there were no fertilizer People Beings interfering with those plants' healthy existence!

Instead, just enough plants for a given amount of plant nutrition in a given area of soil lived. Any excess plants died off, giving their decaying body material to the surviving plants for health and insect repelling.

"What changed?" you ask.

Good question, and here's the straight answer: People Beings came along, liked to eat those plants, decided they wanted to grow far more of them in the same soil, and the plants they planted, now living in the same amount of nutrients a few healthy ones lived in B4, just could not live in the same health. That's  simple to see.

Like taking 100 People Beings on a 10 mile hike up a steep mountain trail, and taking along just 1 gallon of water for the entire group! I dare say a few hikers are not going to come home!

What did those greedy People Beings with their dense food plant fields do, when the plants became diseased, insect infested, and failed to mature into the food these people were determined to produce?

Yeah, they turned to their "superior" knowledge of chemistry - ARTIFICIAL chemistry, and formulated PARTIAL nutrient fertilizer! PARTIAL? Yep, what these idiots call "fertilizer" is only partly what plants require for health they are designed to have.

So, now we see that we really have not started at the very beginning of plant health, have we?

Where is that "beginning"?

Let's examine soil layers. But, to start this, let's focus on soil layers formed by Mt. St. Helen, when volcanic magma pushed up into the water-logged upper reaches of that mountain, and produced super-heated steam which then blew off thousands of feet elevation from that enormous chunk of Earth Mantle.

St Helen soil layer detail image here

See how visible different layers of material formed in this image of St. Helen's "ash" as it settled back to the surface? It's only mineral content, too, unlike the soil layers we examine later, where plants have evisted for long periods. Here we see the pristine soil of newly-formed Earth surface, ready for plant seed to sprout, and for new plants to show how they respond to such a new environment.

Now, I've read books where the author proclaims it matters not whether the reader accepts the clear Hebrew Scripture records about Creation, OR denies them and prefers the religious faith that somehow something, including Life, came from absolutely nothing, by happenstance. That's silly to try to lump two mutually exclusive concepts into some sort of unilateral myth!

Rather, the path of real science I use in this book follows clear design principles of Life on this tiny planet, and the ways in which we observe both health and disease in our body relative to what we put into our stomach as food and-or health-inducing substances.

On that last note I'll be very transparent about the disease-causing practice of habitual ingesting burned plant matter, whether by inhaling or by soaking one's mouth in toxic plant materials, plus, usually, harmful fillers manufacturers add to make more profit.

Burned plant material is deadly poison, no matter what the inhaling individual may feel. The lungs we were designed with simply do not have capacity to maintain their health when bombarded by the highly toxic chemicals formed by burning plant matter.

If you decide to continue a practice of habitual inhalation of burned plant vapors, put this book down right now and request a full refund. You'll need all the money you can find when your lungs simply die from the damage you're causing them. If you plan on dying before your lungs fail, still put this book down and request a full refund. You simply do NOT get the meaning of any part of this book!

Is this clear enough for you?

For everyone who desires good, natural health, keep reading. You will be amazed at the wonderful health your body rewards you with as you eat the right dirt!

Chapter One  Toto! We're not in Kansas!

Read "Wizard of OZ? Good! The man who wrote it was an inner circle member of a global group of financial controllers determined to rule this tiny planet. His book details in masked form much of the planned financial manipulations to usurp world rule by means of food control(Read the latest U.N. "Agenda 2030" to see what is in todays works to eliminate natural nutrition from your diet, and make your health, or lack thereof, a matter of world order control).

No, Toto, we are NOT in Kansas! Or, are we?

"Kansas" in Wizard of OZ("OZ" Refers to the Gold Standard) refers to the natural state of Created Mankind. When world disruption strikes its deadly aim at natural Man, mankind literally is swept into the State of Confusion. Ever hear about how easy conquering confused nations is? How about confused people? Think they(WE) are any better defending our selves against overwhelming odds, wherever those winds of confusing hail from?)

"Dorothy" is You! Not Me! I "Know"! So can You!

Globalist would be controllers literally hate open honest exposure of the nefarious plans they have. So, why not pass the exposing word?  Why not expose the plans to eliminate natural nutrition and let's us decide and DO the Right thing to limit our diet to natural nutrients we produce with the best nutrient-dense natural soil we can, using readily available plant material that is all around us? In fact, your neighbors may well give you tips for taking it off their hands!

  • We're not in Kansas. But neither are we in La La Land.

Producing your own natural soil is so simple that I just insert tips and short descriptions as the book develops. Like: Want good sources of chemical-free grass clippings and other yard plant debris? Look for yards where the lawn(s) has(ve) dandelion and clover and rough, course weeds growing in the grass, and shrubbery. Next look for piles of yard waste along the yard borders, under nearby trees, over a nearby bank, and sometimes in the middle of the yard!

That pile of decaying plant material is GOLD! It is free of applied toxic chemicals used to decrease unwanted plants, kill insects, and promote desired plant growth. You DO NOT want this vile stuff in your mouth, do you? So, keep it out of your garden dirt!

After a bit we'll cover what to do with that decaying Plant GOLD!

  • Back to Not Kansas . . .

In Not Kansas, the directions to somewhere are to follow "That Yellow Brick Road." Yellow Brick?

So far as I recall, gold brick is a yellow color. Do I remember right? That glittering yellow brick road catches most people's attention, because the global money controllers make certain we assume we need more gold than we have. So, we are attracted like night moths to flames, by the glitter of promised gold.


No, I'm a little more Right than is comfortable. Let's make a quick side jaunt into who owns the massive fabricated foods industry. Bankers. How? Guess who every giant food production facility asks to fund major raw product buys, major machine and building renovation, and new facility construction, and who finances all manufactured foods massive TV, Newspaper and Internet marketing roll out?

Yep, Bankers finance it all. Go ask if you don't believe me.

Do bankers fund natural foods sales from farmers? No. It's far too unprofitable, and that same farm produce actually cuts into the high profits bankers get from food manufacturers buying the same products from farmers for far, far less profit!

Well, then, let's be sure to buy fresh farm products, for two reason!

One: Farmers make more profit to keep their farms running without takeover by banks; and.

Two: Our health thanks us for nutrition food manufacturers literally beat and heat out of those same fresh farm foods!

Or, our own garden foods!

That brings us to YOU! Where is your garden? Oh, those pots in your apartment! Good on you! Did you produce your own soil in the pots? Yeah, I understand. How would you produce your own natural, nutrient-dense soil? Right?

Well, lets make this simple. Plants' bodies decay after life. Two types of decay make for the odor of this material as it changes from living plant body to soil that living plants thrive on;

Aerobic decay uses bacteria, fungii and insects that live in open, well ventilated material. These little helpers give off a sweet, earthy odor that we love to smell walking in a damp woods.

Anaerobic decay uses elements that produce their own oxygen, plus other gases, such as sulfur, meaning really foul-smelling odors. The aerobic decay is very easy to do. So we can literally make a compost operation in a tiny apartment, right along with our potted plants!

I'll cover more on this as we progress.

  • Did I finish with Not Kansas?

No. We left the Yellow Brick Road partly explored.

This gold, glittery "road" is the same one my great, great grandfather was attracted to, and met and staked a joint claim with Samuel Clemons up in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, some distance South East of Sacramento, California, in 1871-2. After six months they headed back to San Francisco, disgusted and disillusioned with the "Yellow Brick Road"!

Clemons' parting remark to my forebear was that he'd amount to something if he wasn't so damned religious!

That same grandpa was a school teacher for Laura Ingalls during one year he raised enough to marry his sweetheart. She records her experience with his teaching in book five of her "Little House" series.

Later he loaded a Conestoga Covered Wagon and took the Apache Trail to Mission San Diego. My Great Grandmother recorded her experience on that trip as a nine year old in a series the forerunner of the LA Times ran in 1931. Well, Sam Clemons never managed to build a family. So much for his assessment of my grandpa amounting to nothing!

That little story brings us to where the Yellow Brick Road meets us today. Sam and my grandpa had to deal with the "wealth" issues, and just as we do, the glitter caught their eyes, until the reality that not all that glitters is profitable set in.

Here, in our "soil 2 Cuisine," we discover that the health claims by giant food and self-appointed nutrition manufacturers is NOT what is claimed. Rather, its the dirt our foods grow in that provide us the nutrients our body need to maintain its own health. In fact, it's these same nutrients in the soil that our food plants need to maintain their own health and prevent disease and parasites from destroying them!

This fact about healthy plants leads us to the Yellow Brick Road again!

Where all does the Yellow Brick Road go? Farms; cities; wild places; people; even events! Now, what if we change the yellow Brick Road to a grassy, well-kept green pathway leading through and to the same places, people, and events?

  • Let's GO!

Where our Green Way passes verdant, healthy fields, let's examine the pants, and the soil they grow in.

Notice these plants! They're healthy, robust, and not a trace of chemical on in or around their soil! No bugs to amount to anything, very little evidence of chewed leaves, diseased plant parts, and their size! They're huge!

If we stayed around for a full season we notice that these plants stay in good health and keep producing food parts right up to killing frost, or if no frost, they just keep living!

Let's take a look into the soil, and their root system.

WOW! Their roots go everywhere! The soil is loose, filled with moisture pockets formed by decayed plant material that sponges the water till roots find the cached moisture; the soil is composed mostly from decayed plant material and a third or so from mineral soil that comes from old sea beds, such as limestone and ancient sea beds. Volcanic soils also contain a wide array of minerals. There are some 90 minerals and metals plant and our health need for sustainable life, so the soil our plants grow in are best for our health when they have a balanced, complete mineral and metal content. Soil produced with a large part comprised of sea weed has much of these minerals and metals.

Chapter addendum:

  • Here are materials those who are determined to know and understand and improve their diet and health as they traverse the wiles of food market profiteers will find resourceful and revealing, and, very helpful. The first is a most insightful and health-ful resource written by a lady in her life-long work to expose the food industry profiteers who stoop to he lowest levels for profits at the expense and death of their trusting victims, food store shoppers, restaurant customers, and ball game fans.

    "Food Babe."

  • Wizard of OZ Subject Materials
    "Our humanity has long since been exceeded by the power of the wicked witches of science and government to destroy all life with nuclear weapons, alter our DNA and control our minds with psychotropic drugs and our lives with media lies. Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. There are 12 common denominators that prevent observation, understanding, and workable solutions to problems of existence. How do each of these "Oz Factors" influence our history, science, philosophy, our lives and our future? We can chose our own Yellow Brick Road. We can pull back the curtain of rhetoric and dogma. We can build a better Emerald City for ourselves and our children. Do you really want to go back to Kansas?"


Editorial Reviews

  • Review

    A must read for all citizens of Earth! --Shirely Cage

    From the Publisher

    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more. We must be over the rainbow!"--Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz'
    What if you were in Dorothy's shoes? First, you run away from home to save your dog from being destroyed by the sheriff. Then, you get amnesia from being knocked on the head by a window frame. Next, you're swept up by a storm and carried far away from home. Finally, you crash-land in an alien world.
    How would you feel?
    Many of us, like Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz', feel as though we have crash-landed far, far from our own, personal home; far away from the place in our hearts or in our dreams where everything is just exactly the way we want it to be; a place where there is no trouble. We don't quite know what happened to our home or how we ended up where we are now, but we have a vague, fleeting feeling, that our home is still there, waiting for us to come back.
    Is there really such a place?
    Is it just a dream?
    If such a place exists, how do we get there from here?
    Who are we?
    How did we get here?
    Where is here?
    These are primordial questions--the original, fundamental questions about the mysteries of life and universes which have existed since the beginning of time.
    One method of figuring out the answers to questions is to compare an unknown subject to one that is similar, but already known. The comparison of two similar things is called an analogy. Storytelling, teaching, explaining things to young children, and scientific research all use analogies as a tool for better understanding.
    Thus we begin our journey into "The Wizard of Oz" as an Analogy to the Mysteries of Life."


    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    By DeDee Cage on March 28, 2000
    Format: Perfect Paperback
    This is an incredible book that will open your eyes to the real history of mankind, the current precarious conditions of our world's ecology, economy, and social structures under the influence of the powerful and oppresive vested interests, and the propaganda machines they control and use so well.
    I could not put this book down as Lawrence Spencer gave me a history lesson unlike any I ever had before. And even as I was being amazed by this tapestry of the history and development of the educational, medical, pharmaceutical, banking, government and military organizations of our world, it was the combined impact of their effects on our planetary environment, the health, sanity, and freedom of all beings that changed my viewpoint forever. I was so shocked that it took this book to draw back the curtains of illusion and make the truth so evident that I had to admit to an old, nagging apprehension that things were not quite as they appeared or were being "officially" presented to be.
    The author's humor and wit kept me glued to this story, and the analogy of "The Wizard of Oz" to these frightening mysteries of life made the vast scope of this work magically comprehensible. He even exposes the simplicity of how to handle our information overload so that we can actually see and determine for ourselves just what is actaully going on "in the merry old land of Oz" so we can act to help create a meaningful future on this planet. I foresee this book as a major motivation for increased global awareness and social responsibility that will rejuvenate our hopes for the future generations with positive and effective actions taken now.
    Comment  Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo  Report abuse
    7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    By Harold Rapp on March 30, 2000
    Format: Perfect Paperback
    The compelling thesis of 'The Oz Factors' is that Mankind can responsibly guarantee the greatest of futures if he is willing to challenge the most cherished perceptions of his past. The author is a skillful iconoclast who opens the reader to possibilities that are novel and insightful. The book is a "must read", a visionary milestone.

    Telling Proof Wizard of OZ Is a Warning Allegory

    Original Play by author, Baum, included specific political figures

    The political interpretations focus on the first three, and emphasize the close relationship between the visual images and the story line to the political interests of the day. Biographers report that Baum had been a political activist in the 1890s with a special interest in the money question of gold and silver, and the illustrator Denslow was a full-time editorial cartoonist for a major daily newspaper. For the 1901 Broadway production Baum inserted explicit references to prominent political characters such as President Theodore Roosevelt."

    In-depth review of Baum's intentions

    Do your own research!

Chapter One  Toto! We're not in Kansas!

  1. We're not in Kansas. But neither are we in La La Land.
  2. Back to Not Kansas . . .
  3. Did I finish with Not Kansas?
  4. Let's GO!
  5. Wizard of OZ Subject Materials

Chapter Two  Where are we, Toto? (I'm Scared!)

  1. A plug for "Food Babe"
  2. Change? Change What? Or, "Who"?
  3. It's the "Economy, Stupid! Or, Is It?
  4. Don't You DARE Peek At The Little Man Behind The Curtain!
  5. When Nonsense Makes Sense

Chapter Three  The Road IS Yellow!(Green, Red and Blue, too!)

Chapter Four  Whimsical Faerytale Food From Profiteers

Chapter Five  Cinderella Was Right! (& So Was Goldie Locks, Alice, and Gretl!)

Chapter Six  Gardening Sex  (We Just Had To Say This!)

Chapter Seven  Perfect Gardening: How Do You Rate " 7 " On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

Chapter Right  To finish(Or Not!)

Chapter Nine  Brown Thumb v.s. Weed Thumb(Be Amazed At Why!)

Chapter 10!  Must This End, Too?!

Chapter 11   Not On Your Life! Let's Get 'er Goin'!

Chapter 12   Where Are We "Goin' "??

Chapter 13  It's a Matter of Choice

Chapter 14   Mister; About That Dirt In Your Mouth . . .

Chapter 15   Lady! Make Me A Great Garden Meal!

Chapter 16  Calling All Gentlemen Gardeners!

Chapter 17  The Dish Is Not A Dish Until You Know It Is

Chapter 18  Begin Here

Appendix One  Here Shovel; Here Rake!

Appendix Two  Go Here, and Here, and Over There

Appendix Three  What Did I Miss? Oh, This! This Too!

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