Saturday, December 19, 2015

Soil 2 Cuisine -Preface

Essentially, this little composition took my lifetime to develop. From my dear mother's avid pursuit of close to the soil natural diet pursuits to her spurning Big Pharma toxic poisons marketed as "medicine," to her farm gal persona on the tiny farm I and my siblings grew up on, to today, a man of 70+, my appreciation and awe for the myriad of natural resources available the planet over to keep everyone disease-free and full of vitality well past 100 is my focus here.

For those uninitiated in the world of nefarious profiteering in the entire food industry, and beyond, this book may well prove a difficult read. It's NOT easy on the composition!

In fact, my own quest for knowing the behind the scenes power brokers of this tiny spec of cosmic dust led me into very murky, dangerous deeps of frigid, death-chilling waters. The surface may roil a bit at times, but far under that is a constant torrential cauldron of spewing poison.

Mother's steadfast faith in our Creator for His authority and helmsman office of this swerving and diving little vessel called "Earth," is the stuff of sustainable family. In the midst of these upsetting times it is my pride to refer to Mother's Stalwart Faith to hold me up, and steady.

Read this with an eye on outward observation to derive your own objective conclusions. People like Walter Veith with his work to simply read the damning documents right straight from the power brokers themselves to expose their evils may well make a new beginning for your Life. In the final analysis, this little read hopefully is one you will find to be a guiding source to gain your deserved right to good, natural health from natural nutrients you can produce right where you live.

Before another step into the garden, let's get one thing clear; "Commercial compost soils are inert." This is due to strict EPA demands that compost material be heated far above nutrient-damaging temperature. This is to destroy pathogens and toxic substances that may enter their process by accident and careless source material providers.

I include the following page of links to composters as a tool to check up on commercial operations and follow their processing and application of EPA regulations.

Chapter One  Toto! We're not in Kansas!

  1. We're not in Kansas. But neither are we in La La Land.
  2. Back to Not Kansas . . .
  3. Did I finish with Not Kansas?
  4. Let's GO!
  5. Wizard of OZ Subject Materials

Chapter Two  Where are we, Toto? (I'm Scared!)

  1. A plug for "Food Babe"
  2. Change? Change What? Or, "Who"?
  3. It's the "Economy, Stupid! Or, Is It?
  4. Don't You DARE Peek At The Little Man Behind The Curtain!
  5. When Nonsense Makes Sense

Chapter Three  The Road IS Yellow!(Green, Red and Blue, too!)

Chapter Four  Whimsical Faerytale Food From Profiteers

Chapter Five  Cinderella Was Right! (& So Was Goldie Locks, Alice, and Gretl!)

Chapter Six  Gardening Sex  (We Just Had To Say This!)

Chapter Seven  Perfect Gardening: How Do You Rate " 7 " On A Scale Of 1 To 10?

Chapter Right  To finish(Or Not!)

Chapter Nine  Brown Thumb v.s. Weed Thumb(Be Amazed At Why!)

Chapter 10!  Must This End, Too?!

Chapter 11   Not On Your Life! Let's Get 'er Goin'!

Chapter 12   Where Are We "Goin' "??

Chapter 13  It's a Matter of Choice

Chapter 14   Mister; About That Dirt In Your Mouth . . .

Chapter 15   Lady! Make Me A Great Garden Meal!

Chapter 16  Calling All Gentlemen Gardeners!

Chapter 17  The Dish Is Not A Dish Until You Know It Is

Chapter 18  Begin Here

Appendix One  Here Shovel; Here Rake!

Appendix Two  Go Here, and Here, and Over There

Appendix Three  What Did I Miss? Oh, This! This Too!

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